Armstrong Alterna

Quality vinyl flooring that's perfect for adding natural stone looks to your home

Reliable Alternative to Stone

Armstrong Alterna Franklin, TN

Stone is often a desired flooring option because of its natural beauty and strength, but, given its construction, it’s usually not the best choice for indoor areas. This doesn’t mean, however, that it’s impossible to have the beauty of stone in your home. You can certainly have stone’s beauty and luxury by choosing Armstrong Alterna. Alterna looks exactly like real stone, but its extra durability and comfort make it better-suited for indoor settings.

How does Alterna offer extra comfort? It features a special vinyl flooring construction that is certainly more resilient than real stone. With this construction, Alterna is relatively flexible, so it’s soft and comfortable underfoot. Real stone, as you can imagine, is much harder underfoot, so it’s certainly not the most comfortable option for your home. Also, the vinyl construction means that Alterna is warmer to the touch than real stone. In fact, Alterna is typically 20 degrees warmer than hard surfaces such as stone and ceramic. As a result, Alterna is certainly the better flooring option for your feet!

When it comes to durability, Alterna definitely has an advantage over stone. Unlike stone flooring, Alterna will resist spills and stains without any special treatments. The surface remains extremely easy to clean, so only general maintenance is required to keep your Alterna floor looking as good as new. In addition, Alterna will never crack or chip like real stone. This extra durability means that, compared to stone, Alterna is a better option for home settings.

Although Alterna seems to function differently than real stone flooring, it offers similar looks. There are a variety of stone looks from which to choose, including marble, slate, and travertine. Also, there are multiple tile sizes and patterns available.

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