Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a super-stylish, more durable alternative to hardwood

High-Quality Bamboo Flooring

McCalls Carpet One in Franklin has you covered with a selection of bamboo flooring. Bamboo is quickly becoming more popular in homes as an alternative to hardwood flooring. But, how exactly does bamboo compare to hardwood? Let’s take a closer look:

Bamboo floors look and feel almost exactly like hardwood floors, but they do have more unique surfaces. Bamboo has natural, sophisticated patterns of dark nodules that give it an elegant appearance. Traditional hardwood does not offer these same patterns. Also, bamboo, even with these dark patterns, tends to be lighter than hardwood because of its blonde hue.

In addition, bamboo flooring is more durable than hardwood. Bamboo is extremely hard, so it can handle foot traffic better than hardwood. Also, bamboo can handle moisture and humidity, as it expands and contracts 50% less than hardwood. Nonetheless, bamboo flooring is not recommended for damp areas like bathrooms.

Bamboo flooring, like hardwood, is available in engineered constructions. Engineered bamboo flooring has a strong top layer and extra support layers, so it is durable enough for most home settings. In fact, some engineered bamboo options can handle commercial settings.

Our Selection

We’re happy to offer strand bamboo flooring from US Floors. US Floors strand bamboo flooring features a strong engineered construction, and it has an aluminum oxide finish for premium wear resistance. As a result, US Floors strand bamboo can be installed in our Southeast climate without many issues.

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