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How to Install Carpet

carpet installation Franklin, TN

At McCalls Carpet One, carpet is one of the things we do best. Our team of carpet experts has years and years of combined experience, so we’ll surely be able to help you choose, purchase, install, and ultimately enjoy your new carpet. When it comes to carpet installation, we certainly have you covered in both residential and commercial areas.

Carpet Stretch-In

In residential areas, carpet stretch-in is the most popular installation method. With this method, the carpet is literally stretched over the floor’s surface so that it fits perfectly. It is attached to tackless strips to hold it in place. The stretch-in method is popular in homes mainly because it makes the carpet softer and more comfortable underfoot. Also, carpets installed with the stretch-in method tend to offer increased thermal insulation in a room.

Although the stretch-in method is great for homes, we do not recommend choosing it when the carpet is need to be installed on ramps, in areas of high humidity, and in areas with extremely heavy traffic.

Carpet Glue-Down

For commercial areas and other areas with significant foot traffic, carpet glue-down is more popular. The glue-down method involves gluing the carpet down to the subfloor with a strong adhesive. As a result, the carpet will be strong enough for heavy traffic, but it will be rather hard and uncomfortable. For some extra comfort, a carpet cushion can be used. In this case, the cushion will be glued to the subfloor, and then the carpet will be glued to the cushion. With the cushion, the carpet will still be strong enough for most traffic, but it will remain more comfortable underfoot.

The glue-down method is typically more straightforward then the stretch-in method, but we do recommend relying on professional carpet installers when it comes to installing carpet.

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carpet installation Franklin, TN