Laminate Flooring

Advancements in laminate make it a great choice

Laminate Flooring in Franklin

laminate flooring Franklin, TN

Be sure to visit McCalls Carpet One in Franklin and Nashville to check out our wide selection of laminate flooring. Laminate continues to be a more durable alternative to hardwood, so it’s a preferred choice for busy households and even commercial settings.

How does laminate combine wood looks with premium wear resistance? It features a special layered construction. The top layer, which is referred to as the wear layer, is super-strong, and it can handle scratches and scuffs much better than finished hardwood. As a result, laminate does not need to be refinished like hardwood. Also, the wear layer can be textured for an authentic wood feel. Underneath the wear layer is the design layer, which includes a high-definition wood (or even stone) visual. This layer provides laminate with its authentic natural appearance.

The final layers of laminate are called the core and base layers, and they provide exceptional support and dimensional stability. Laminate is therefore much stronger and more stable than hardwood, so it can handle foot traffic and even moisture. For the most part, all laminate floor options have similar wear and design layers, but there are a few different core and base layer options. Some high-end laminate floors, like Quick Step, have strong water resistant cores. Nonetheless, all laminate floor options are more durable than hardwood, so they are better-suited for areas such as family and living rooms.

Our Selection

We are happy to have one of the area’s best selections of laminate flooring. We, for example, have Carpet One exclusives such as Laminate for Life. Visit our Laminate for Life page to learn more.

Plus, we offer specialty styles from Quick Step and Mannington. Click here to learn more about the Mannington Restoration Collection of laminate.

Be sure to work with our laminate experts to pick out your favorite style today! We’ll certainly help you accommodate any design needs, and then we’ll work with you to handle laminate flooring installation.