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Milliken carpet Franklin, TN

Are you looking for a quality carpet that will stain up to everyday life without sacrificing style and beauty? Visit McCalls Carpet One in Franklin, TN to learn more about Milliken carpet. Milliken offers enough style and durability for any setting.

Milliken has a great selection of carpets that are part of its Imagine collection. Imagine carpets are built to last even in busy households, but they offer stylish patterns and colors that can accommodate any design you have in mind. In other words, when it comes to style and performance, Milliken Imagine carpets seem to offer the best of both worlds. How? Take a look at these three performance features:

STAINMASTER fibers: Milliken utilizes STAINMASTER type 6,6 fibers in its Imagine carpets. These fibers are totally and permanently stain resistant, and they also will not crush under heavy foot traffic. STAINMASTER fibers are certainly some of the toughest available in residential settings.

Lotus FX Shield: Imagine carpets feature the Lotus FX Fiber Shield. The Lotus FX Shield prevents soil from sticking to the surface, and it also prevents liquids from absorbing into the carpet. With this shield, Imagine carpets remain up to 30% cleaner and last 50% longer than most carpets.

Edura-Loc backing: To protect against heavy foot traffic, Imagine carpets have a strong Endura-Loc backing. This backing acts as a final layer of support for the carpet.