Soft Surface

Stylish, soft, and comfortable! Soft surface options such as carpet continue to be a preferred choice.

Our Soft Surface Selection

Soft surface flooring options such as carpet and area rugs are great for adding softness and warmth to your residential or commercial setting.  Plus, there are so many different styles and patterns from which you can choose!   

We at McCall's Carpet One have been providing customers in the Franklin, TN area with quality carpets and rugs for a number years, so we will know exactly what'll work in your specific setting.  Be sure to work with one of our carpet experts today!


Carpet continues to be the most popular flooring option in homes and offices.  Why?  Each carpet offers comfort underfoot, and it also remains pretty easy to clean and maintain. But, residential and commercial carpets are not the same.  

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We offer exclusive carpet brands such as:

Relax, It's...Lees  Tigressa Innovia Milliken

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are similar to carpet, but, as you can imagine, they are installed quite differently. Also, carpet tiles tend to be stronger and more wear resistant, so they are better-suited for commercial settings. Click here to learn more about carpet tiles.

Area Rugs

We also offer a great selection of area rugs.  Area rugs, like carpet, offer comfort underfoot, but they are more versatile since they can be added to virtually any room setting. Learn more about area rugs.