Waterproof Flooring

Don't let moisture get in the way of choosing a stylish floor

Invincible H2O

waterproof flooring Franklin, TN

We at McCalls Carpet One are happy to carry a selection of waterproof flooring options in our Franklin, TN store. One of these waterproof options is Invincible H2O, which is specially-made by US Floors. Invincible H2O offers water resistance, strength and stability, and designer looks, so it is suitable for any room in your home. Plus, Invincible H2O is exclusive to Carpet One stores!

The major advantage of Invincible H2O is, as its name implies, its ability to withstand moisture. Water, and all liquids for that matter, will never reach the subfloor, and any spills can simply be wiped from the surface without any repercussions. This is especially important because wet subfloors typically promote the growth of harmful mold and mildew.

Also, Invincible H2O floors are great for areas with heavy foot traffic. The surface resists most scratches and scuffs, and the vinyl planks are strong and stable enough for most impacts. Plus, Invincible H2O has a special cork foundation that provides extra support, as well as softness and comfort underfoot.

Invincible H2O has a unique locking system for installation. The luxury vinyl planks lock together in place, and they seem to float on top of the subfloor without any special adhesive. Because the planks do not require any adhesive, they can be installed directly over most existing floors. Other flooring options, including hardwood and glue-down vinyl floors, can only be installed over perfectly flat surfaces.